Don’t Overlook Things To Be Thankful For


Our oldest left yesterday to go back to college after being home for the weekend.  She is a Freshman, so the past few months have been full of adjustments (as defined by lots of weeping and sobbing and questioning what we wasted the last 18 years on).  She is only 2.5 hours away and so far we have seen her nearly every weekend.  But as she left yesterday, we realized we wouldn’t see her for at least two weeks…and that seems impossible and unbearable.  As my wife and I sat in the living room, sad and depressed, it occurred to us that we still have another child at home.  How were we making him feel by mourning his sister’s absence?  How were we  helping him grow by moping around?  We decided to look at this transitional time as a chance to focus more on him, to enjoy his company, and to help him become all he can be.

I think this may be true of every unpleasant time in life.  No matter what is going on that is trying to get us down, if we stop and look around there is PLENTY to be thankful  for and even more joy to be discovered by looking for it.  Being positive is a choice and a habit so work hard at it.


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