Changing Weather, Changing Times


I woke up this morning at the usual time, but I couldn’t help but notice it was considerably darker outside.  It’s a sign that my beloved summer is coming to an end, and that the dreaded winter will be crushing our spirits in no time.  I know, I know, everyone LOVES fall with its cooler temperatures and colorful leaves.  And for a moment here and there, I can like it too.  But for the most part, fall fills me with the dread of winter with its freezing temps, icy wind, and miserable conditions.  And let’s not forget that winter also bring Christmas…ACK!

I think bears have the right idea….pig out and sleep through it.

But the weather isn’t the only thing that is changing dramatically…what is going on in the world today?  Maybe the world has always been this screwed up and we just didn’t know because we didn’t have the communication systems we now have, but holy cow.  My “are you kidding me” item of the day is the Black Lives Matter folks protesting the fact that the Nashville Metro PD is getting a body armor upgrade.  HellooooOOOoooo….they are getting it because your group and its supporters have started shooting police officers!

And that’s probably enough for today…


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