The Right (requirement) To Bear Arms

It seems that more and more people are finally realizing the logic behind carrying a firearm.  Gun sales are through the roof and, at least around here, handgun permit classes seem to be full every weekend.  New guns stores and firing ranges are opening up all over the place.  I wonder why people are just now coming to their senses?

Of course, the liberal left is going nuts about it, but why?  Statistics prove that the people who go to the trouble to train and get legally licensed to carry a firearm are nearly zero threat to anyone but a criminal.  Every day it seems, another liberal is proposing a new way to ban, restrict or prohibit personal protection somewhere.  Don’t they realize that the guy or gal next to them with the permit and firearm is just as likely to save their life as they are to save their own?

When I carry a firearm, I doubt if anyone I meet has any idea about it.  The people around me are safer in my presence and don’t even know it.  I struggle with “gun-free” zones because everyone there is totally helpless and is exactly the type of place a nutcase will decide to attack.  You just don’t hear about a guy walking into a gun store or a police station and opening fire.  Is there any question why?  They don’t want to face any return fire!  Think back to the instances where some psycho walks into a classroom, office, movie theater, etc and starts shooting people for no reason.  Would the outcome have been different if just one of the victims was equipped to shoot back?

I’ve been asked, “Why are you carrying a weapon here?  Are you expecting trouble?”.  The answer is, not really.  I don’t expect to have a kitchen fire either but I keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case.  Is that paranoid or smart?  And what about those who say one should only carry your weapon when you are in a dangerous place?  First, if it’s a dangerous place, I just try to avoid it.  But secondly, and more importantly, who can determine where the “dangerous place” is?  The most dangerous place is where the criminal feels the safest.  So the most logical place to be armed is the last place you’d expect to be attacked.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable carrying a gun…and that is fine.  I will look out for you to the best of my ability.  But just as I will not try to force you to go armed, please don’t try to force me to disarm.


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