Month: October 2010

Changing Weather


I remember as a kid, never knowing what the weather was going to do, and I think I liked it that way.  Where I grew up, we were not close to any city large enough to have its own TV stations.  We were 90 miles south of Nashville and nearly as far west of Chattanooga, so neither of their weather reports were of any use.  To make matters worse (or better), where I lived was in a valley with a large lake.  So weather either seemed to skirt around us, or get down in the valley and go crazy.  In any event, we predicted the weather by looking at the sky…that’s the best we had.

Today, however, we have weather information coming from everywhere.  Some people think we are having more severe weather than we used to, but I think its just a matter of the weathermen making a bigger deal out of it today.  Plus, we now have Super Duper Doppler 12  that can pick up the faintest whirling dervish in the middle of who cares where…and that my friends, will trigger a TORNADO WARNING!!!

One thing I am puzzled by…what happened to Fall?  It seems like we keep going from 90+ degree Summer days straight into Winter.  My wife loves Fall.  I hate Winter, so Fall kinda gives me a way to ease into it…therefore I miss it too.  If anyone figures out where Fall went, please let me know.