Month: September 2010


If you have never been in a situation where you either needed to forgive someone or needed forgiveness yourself, you are lucky.  No matter which side of the situation you are on, it is a difficult thing to deal with.  I don’t think one can really comprehend how important it is to forgive others until you’ve been the one who desperately needs the forgiveness.  If there is anything more painful than not being able to forgive, it’s not being forgiven.  And there is no greater relief to the offender AND the offended than when one puts an arm around the other, looks them in the eyes and says “I forgive you…forget about it”.  As a special bonus, once you’ve been there you have a new and overwhelming appreciation for God’s forgiveness.


Political Correctness Run Amuck

If you don’t think political correctness has gotten out of control, consider this.  Throughout recorded history, when a nation/people/tribe went to war with another, the winner basically owned the loser.  The people of the losing team became subjects (maybe citizens) of the winning team.  The land, property, etc of the losing team belonged to the winning team.  But somewhere along the line, in fairly recent history, things changed.  Now, we go to war with a nation and defeat them, then spend billions of borrowed dollars rebuilding them, setting them back up, and handing everything over to the first cousins of the people we just killed.  All this, just so we don’t have to appear as “conquerors” or some other politically incorrect term.  And for the record, I’m not suggesting we start wars just to expand the nation.  I’m talking about these conflicts we are constantly pulled into by the actions of others.  Just for fun, start in recent history and work your way backwards.  Think of every military conflict the USA has engaged in and won, and consider the possibilities if we had made the defeated entity part of the USA.    We’ve been taught that “conquering” is bad, maybe even sinful.  I encourage you to read from the Old Testament and see if you can get an idea about what God thought about it, back before political correctness crippled his people.

How did this happen?

I just don’t understand what some people are thinking these days.  Most Americans have completely lost sight of, or possibly never knew, what this country is about.  The principles that our country were founded on are fairly simple and well documented, so there’s not really a good excuse for being unaware of them.

When my grandmother passed away I found a small booklet at her house that contained a copy of the founding fathers documents including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other publications by them that give some background on their views.  If you actually sit down and spend a few minutes (that’s literally all it takes) to read the Constitution and accompanying amendments, you immediately realize just how badly the Federal government has exceeded it’s authority and scope.  We are all to blame for allowing it to happen, just as we will be to blame if we allow it to continue.